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MEGAN + BRICE | ADVENTUROUS ENGAGEMENT SESSION Ya’ll. Say hello to all the sultry passion. This river shoot got hot + steamy in all the best ways.  Megan and Brice were all in for mimosas + a picnic by the river. Hello sundresses, floppy hats + barefoot dancing in the water.  And then we hit […]

Megan + Brice | Adventurous River Couple Session | Raleigh, NC | Intimate Wedding Photographer

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So excited to announce Dean Alexander will be joining our family!

Dean Alexander | Gender Reveal | Raleigh, NC | Adventurous Lifestyle Photographer

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These stunning images capture the bond of trust you build with not just your photographer but your HMU artist. Especially for such an intimate shoot as boudoir. Boudoir is an art form; one that is sadly cheapened by pushing the limit for sexual content instead of its true focus. It is about capturing the most intimate details of someone. It is honoring the complete, yet fragile trust that is given to me, the woman behind the lens, to share someone’s beauty, innermost thoughts and absolute vulnerability. Together, Sarah and I work as a team to show you the deepest depths of your soul.

Sarahruth HMU | Branding Shoot

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I would love to share with you 3 ways I organize my social media so I’m not struggling to figure out what to post last minute or even what to post. This ensures I’m providing consistent, high quality content without losing my sanity AND staying on brand. 

3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Social Media

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Alright ladies. It’s time to throw out everything you think a Boudoir is or isn’t. It’s time to set aside all those reasons of why you could never do one and let me share an experience that could be perfectly tailored for you.

Say Yes to Boudoir

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I had a miscarriage. 

Loss is never easy

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Riley Alexis Ocasio was born at 1:02pm, 11.11.16 and she weighed 6lbs 13 oz and was 20″ long. Being home with her and spending time as a little family has been the best few days of life. Alex and I are so happy and we are so in love. 

Riley Alexis Ocasio | 11.11.16

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Halloween is tomorrow. October is such a special month for me, it’s always been my favorite. I’ve always wanted to be married in October. And now I’m sitting on the couch feeling sentimental and to be honest quite sick as I hope and pray Riley makes her arrival before October fades away. I’m able to […]

A World Where There Are Octobers

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That heart stopping moment when the nurse looks at you and smiles and says, “Ah! It’s a girl, congratulations!” I was so surprised. I knew from the beginning it was a girl but recently Alex had talked convincingly enough about how great boys were that I had accepted being a boy’s mom but NOPE. It’s […]

Riley Alexis

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Baby is officially into the second trimester as of May 11th! It is amazing to think that I’ve been pregnant for 14 weeks. There’s a slight baby bump now but its not enough for someone to look at me and think oh! baby. [maybe like she’s got a bit of a tummy but the rest […]

Thoughts from Mother’s Day

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